Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coming Home . . .

black walnut ink/watercolor about 4" x 4.5" (please click images to enlarge)

Just a walk up the hill - and you're in from the chill - whether you're big or small - you're welcome, one and all.

A note regarding the black walnut ink: On a morning in November a friend and I gathered black walnuts that had fallen from their mother tree. We boiled them all day on a wood stove, strained them, and poured the remaining liquid into small glass jars. It produced the most beautiful warm brown color with just a hint of green. Coming Home was painted with this ink, and only the faint blue sky and yellow house have been done in watercolor. This photo was taken just as we set the black walnuts on to boil (they are still in their husks, so they look like apples here).



cleo said...

how lovely to find your blog! (well actually you came to me first but i have been far away from computerland for quite some time. trying to catch up now. thank you for finding me) i love your paintings, and your walnut ink. gorgeous!

Folklings said...

Thank you, Cleo, and glad you could visit. Your work is spectacular, I hope you are able to keep blogging! -Bree