Saturday, April 16, 2011

Visiting My Studio Rhyme Tree

Folklings Studio Rhyme Tree - watercolor & graphite on paper 11" x 14"

Would you like to visit my Studio Rhyme Tree with me? In it I keep everything I need to make paintings. There is the paint, of course, but we'll get to that. First I must tell you about the flower. It helps so much to have a little bit of Nature around when I am painting, so I keep plants stuffed into spare nooks and crannies. In adjacent cubby-holes all colors and kinds of yarn can be found. After midnight the yarns turn into things like felted imp houses. Next there is The Ubiquitous Studio Snack. The key is there to unlock doors to all the ideas I haven't had yet. My paints are kept in odd-sized jars stacked neatly on a shelf or two. Next to that is the ceramic mug full of all sorts of brushes - I never know when I might need that funny-shaped one to paint myself out of a corner (it's easy to paint yourself into a corner . . . it's when you have to paint yourself out of a corner that funny-shaped brushes really come in handy). Books are never far from my fingers, and my studio is the best place to keep my favorites. Hmmm . . . what is behind that itty bitty door?

Why is it one can never quite see Impish Spiders?

It must really be Spring! For the Robin tells me so. Look quickly and be still - there is a bunny under the branch. Before the bunny came to life . . . before the Rhyme Tree became real . . . after Nature moved in . . . after Snacks . . .


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