Monday, January 17, 2011

Hat House in a Tree

Hat House 9" x 12" watercolor

(click on images to enlarge)

One day a Person took off his fine felt hat while resting for a moment in the woods, and without thinking very much he hung it on a nearby branch. He began to walk again still without thinking very much, for he left his hat on the branch. That hat stayed there so long the branch grew right on through it and a mysterious little creature moved in, made itself comfy, and invited a few friends over, as we can see from the pile of shoes near the front step.

The next three images show my Hat House painting in various stages of progress . . . with tea of course . . .

(I must apologize for the color quality of these images, my computer and I are still working out our relationship - I'm afraid we just haven't reached an understanding of those sorts of things just yet. I am confident it will come in time).


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